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On Wednesday March 1, 2017 held their annual WE event at the Allstate Arena! Ms. Kryzstof's classroom received a special invitation to the event for all their cultural, global, local and school humanity projects!   Burbank School District is truly proud of Ms. Krzystof for providing her students the opportunity to receive an invite to attend this years WE day! One of her students wrote a reflection of this special event that is definitely worth reading and sharing! Enjoy the photos that accompany her reflections!


WE day

WE day was such an amazing day. There was way more people than I expected, and I had no clue It would be as fun as it was! My favorite part was when everyone was singing with Grace Vanderwaal. I also loved dancing and watching the dances. Lastly I loved everyone who came! This was the best school field trip yet.

People came to say some inspirational speeches! One of my favorite speeches was about the Mr. I bear. This speech was about a girl who got a bear and felt so happy so she decided to collect hundreds of bears and put little shirts that say Mr.
I. She gave many little kids some cute bears to cheer them up! That speech made me really happy. This girl got 10,000 dollars for her Mr. I bear.

I also listened to a speech about a man at five years old, had to do something he would NEVER do. So, when this boy was at the park with his friend, a truck pulled up to them and the men took the boys into the back of the truck. When they got to their location the boys had to put blindfolds on, and this young boy had to hold a gun and (He didn't know what he was going to do) had to shoot his friend. He shot him, when he took his blindfold off he saw his friend in his own blood. They said he was going to be a soldier. He ran away a few weeks later and got back to his parents.

Lastly I listened to the astronaut speech. Buzz Aldrin came to talk about his journey to the moon. He was pretty young so he was pretty nervous. Well, this man made it to the moon and he was also the first man to take a selfie in space.

He even took pictures of his footprints in the moon, and took so much cool pictures of him and his friends that traveled with him.

I think this would be beneficial for Burbank School District 111 to attend WE day because every kid that would go would NOT want to leave. Teachers and kids would hear many sad or exciting stories that would teach and inspire kids to do amazing things! You would also have a fun time watching people perform and take your flashlights out for the amazing performers. This may be my opinion but WE day was truly the only place I actually wanted to go to as a field trip.

I am truly passionate about poverty because if I could I would do anything to help people with no money no homes, and with nothing at all. I listened to the speech very closely and thought about what I and others can do! I know that because however you look doesn't mean you can be judged.

Well. This was a fun and amazing experience but I still need to give you some tips if you would like to go there: If you have a drink, do NOT drink it or you will have to throw it away, you will also have to go to security, so do NOT bring things that are unnecessary and not useful. Lastly get ready to take your phone flashlights out for the amazing singers and speakers. Hope you let 6th and 7th grade go some other time, because this was truly amazing!


We 3

We 1

We 2



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