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Last Updated: 3/24/2022 4:15 PM

Our Vision
Developing Young Minds for Tomorrow

Our Mission
The mission of Burbank School District 111 is to provide a quality education in a safe and secure environment to ensure students reach their full potential as socially responsible life-long learners.

Our core values...
1. Quality educational opportunities in a safe and secure environment
2. Each child's ability to learn and the development of the whole child 
3. Respectful and productive collaboration amongst the school communities
4. Our educational community including home, school, and local community
5. The diversity of our community
6. Open, honest, and effective communication within school communities
7. Professional expertise of our educators and educational leaders
8. Life-long learning
9. Financial responsibility and accountability
10. State of the art facilities incorporating advanced technologies


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Burbank School District 111
7600 S. Central Avenue
Burbank, IL 60459
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Phone: (708) 496-0500
Fax: (708) 496-0510