School Uniforms


Navy Blue Polo  Spirit wear  light blue hoodie

School Uniform Dress Requirements:

Shirts/Tops  Navy blue, light blue or white solid colored shirts, blouses, tops, or polo shirts.  Appropriate style of tops, shirts or blouses include buttons, long or short sleeve, mock turtle necks and turtle necks.  All tops, shirts or blouses must have a folded down collar.  No undershirts will be allowed as outerwear.

Pants/Bottoms  Navy blue or black business casual pants, shorts, skorts, jumpers or slacks; all shorts, skorts, and jumpers must be mid-thigh.  Examples of pants/bottoms that are not “business casual” include, but are not necessarily limited to, cargo pants, jeans/denim pants, sweatpants, pajamas or pajama pants,  parachute pants, warm-ups, or tights/spandex.  Pants/bottoms permitted under this Policy may have elastic waistbands.  All pants/bottoms must be worn at the waist. Pants/bottoms not allowed under this Policy may only be worn on Theme Days as permitted by the Building Principal.

Belts  Black or blue belts are suggested with pants that have pant loops.

Socks  Required

Shoes  Non-skid, closed toe dress shoes or non-skid gym shoes with Velcro straps, zippers or shoelaces.  Shoes must have only one set of matching solid shoelaces.  All shoes worn must be securely fastened.

Sweaters/Vests/Sweatshirts  Navy blue, white, light blue solid or district approved spirit wear sweatshirts with appropriate uniformed collared shirt underneath.

Theme Day  On special occasions, as designated by the building principal at his/her discretion, the above uniform dress requirements may be relaxed and students allowed to attend school without complying with the requirements.  Examples of such occasions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • School Spirit Day
  • Costume Day
  • Other themes determined by the building principal
  • District 111 band uniform, when designated by the band director(s) and approved by the Principal.
  • The uniform of a nationally recognized youth organization, such as, Boy or Girl Scouts on scout meeting days. 


Click here to view Board Policy 7:165 -  School Uniforms