Pay Fees Online (E-Pay)

There is no fee for using this payment program.  Your payment information is kept confidential.  Parents will also have the flexibility to make a payment at any time.  Receipts are promptly sent to your email address.

The following link is available on the district Home page and the Parents page: 

online payments

There are many advantages to the E-Pay system, including:

  • Larger amounts (like school fees) can be paid with a credit card.
  • The amount of change or money students would normally bring to school is reduced, and this will in turn reduce the chances of money being lost or stolen.
  • You can pay technology insurance, registration fee, field trips, yearbook, breakfast/lunch balances, and PASS fees. 
  • Please note you cannot make meal payments through Titans.  We do recommend parents/guardians set up an account with Titans to see breakfast/lunch transaction history, account balance, and to submit an application for free/reduced lunch.