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Burbank School District 111 utilizes a communication system as the primary means of school and district communication. SchoolMessenger is a versatile tool that allows schools and districts to communicate a wide range of information to parents and guardians quickly and efficiently. It proves consistent, timely communication information through voice (phone), SMS text messages, email, social media postings and mobile app notifications.

School and District communication may include, but are not limited to:

Emergency Alerts:
  • School closures due to inclement weather.
  • Safety alerts or lockdown notifications.
  • Urgent health and safety information.
General Announcements:
  • Important dates for parent-teacher conferences.
  • Information about school events, fundraisers, and activities.
  • Reminders about school picture days or dress codes.
Academic Updates:
  • Student report card distribution.
  • Notifications of progress reports.
  • Assignment due dates and test schedules.
Attendance Information:
  • Notifications of student absences or tardiness.
  • Truancy alerts for chronic absenteeism.
  • Reminders about early dismissal or school attendance policies.
Transportation Notices:
  • Bus route changes or delays.
  • Information about bus stop locations and times.
  • Notifications regarding transportation safety.
Health and Wellness Updates:
  • Information on school vaccination clinics.
  • Alerts about contagious illnesses or outbreaks.
  • Wellness program announcements.
School Policies and Procedures:
  • Updates on changes to school policies or procedures.
  • Parent-teacher meeting announcements.
  • Information about school board meetings.
Special Education and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs):
  • Updates on IEP meetings and progress.
  • Notices of special education workshops and resources.
  • Information regarding support services for students with special needs.
Extracurricular Activities:
  • Details about sports tryouts and schedules.
  • Club meetings, activities, and sign-up information.
  • Performing arts performances and rehearsals.
School Surveys and Feedback Requests:
  • Requests for parent feedback on school programs.
  • Surveys to gather input on curriculum or policies.
  • Notifications about parent-teacher surveys and conferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: SchoolMessenger is a communication platform used by schools to send important messages to parents and guardians. It can deliver messages via email, phone calls, text messages, and mobile apps. Schools use it for announcements, emergency alerts, and general communication.
A: Parents/Guardians do not need to sign-up with SchoolMessenger. Contact information is automatically synced from our PowerSchool database during enrollment. This is the same contact information that was provided at the time of the students online registration. If a Parent/Guardian is not receiving phone, text, or email messages their contact information needs to be updated in PowerSchool. Please contact your students school to make sure the correct information is on record.
If you would like to review messages and manage your contact preferences you may Sign up at and click on Sign Up in the upper right corner. 
Note: You must use the same email address your school has on record. If you wish to use a different one, please contact your students school and ask them to update your email address in PowerSchool.
A: Parents and staff can set up an account in SchoolMessenger to set preferences for how they receive communications sent through the system. SchoolMessenger also provides an "Inbox" which contains all the messages a person has received from BSD111 and schools in the past 30 days. Note that SchoolMessenger accounts may only be set up with email addresses that are in one of our databases: PowerSchool for parents, guardians and students;
  • View records associated with your account.
  • Review messages for all your associated records.
  • View your contact information and configure notification preferences.
SchoolMessenger contact information is synced through our Student Information System (SIS) You may update your contact information through PowerSchool Parent or contacting your students school to make sure the contact information is up to date.
Note: It may take 24-48 hours for your contact information to update in SchoolMessenger.
A: You can opt out of non-emergency calls, text messages and emails at any time.
Website: Login into your account to manage your communication preferences.
Voice calls: After you receive a call from us, follow the provided voice prompt instructions to stop receiving calls.
Text Messages: After you receive a text message from us you can text "UNSUBSCRIBE" or "STOP" to stop receiving text messages or by following the instructions here.
Note: Due to FCC regulations in an emergency situation that affects the health and safety of consumers you will still receive calls or text as long your contact information is on file.
A: If you're not receiving messages, first check your contact information in the system to ensure it's accurate. Also, make sure your email provider or phone carrier isn't filtering SchoolMessenger messages as spam. Contact your school's front office for further assistance.
A: Contact information (Parent/Guardian) syncs through a secure automated process pulling data directly from our PowerSchool database into the communication platform (SchoolMessenger). This is the same contact information that was provided at the time of the students online registration.
A: If you receive a message that doesn't apply to you or your child, contact the school or district directly to clarify the situation.
A: SchoolMessenger messages are provided by the district as a communication service and are not billed to parents or guardians.
A: Yes, SchoolMessenger provides a mobile app that parents/guardians can download from app stores. This app provides easy access to messages and notifications on your mobile device.
For Apple iOS and Android go through their respective app store. You can search for "SchoolMessager" or going to iTunes or Google Play App store.
Apple App Store for PowerSchool Parent
Android Google Play App Store for PowerSchool Parent
A: For more information about SchoolMessenger please visit their SchoolMessenger Parent Center page.