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PowerSchool is a comprehensive and widely used student information system (SIS) designed to manage and organize various aspects of a school's administrative and academic processes. It provides a centralized platform for schools to track student records, attendance, grades, assignments, and other essential data. PowerSchool streamlines communication between administrators, teachers, students, and parents by offering online access to real-time information, enhancing transparency and efficiency in educational institutions.
PowerSchool Parent:
PowerSchool Parent gives parents and guardians the ability to monitor and engage with their child's academic journey. Through the PowerSchool Parent Portal or mobile app, parents can access their child's attendance records, grades, assignments, and other important information. They can also set up email notifications to receive updates about their child's progress and stay informed about school announcements, events, and teacher conferences. PowerSchool Parent fosters a collaborative partnership between parents and educators by offering insights into students' educational experiences.
PowerSchool for Students:
PowerSchool for Students is a component of the PowerSchool system that empowers students with a direct connection to their educational information. Through the PowerSchool Student Portal, students can view their individual academic records, grades, assignments, and attendance. This access enables students to track their progress, identifying areas for improvement, and staying informed about class activities. PowerSchool for Students enhances student engagement and accountability in their educational pursuits.
In order to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal, you MUST create your own username and password. The student Access ID and Access ID Password1 you received from when you enrolled your student(s) is NOT your PowerSchool Parent username and password for PowerSchool Parent, you need to set up your own Parent account.
See Related Documents on how to setup and access your PowerSchool Parent account.
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1. The Student Access ID and Access ID Password will be needed to link your student(s) to your PowerSchool Parent account. Linking your student(s) to your PowerSchool parent account will allow you to see your student(s) information.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: To access Burbank School District 111 PowerSchool Parent portal you have multiple ways.
2. Through the district website homepage QUICKLINKS or Parents section
If you're a first-time user see related documents on setting up a PowerSchool Parent account.
A: Students can securely access PowerSchool to view their grades, attendance records, assignments, and other academic information, allowing them to stay informed about their educational progress.
A: Students can access PowerSchool through ClassLink or going directly to the districts PowerSchool page ( and choose Student Sign In.
PowerSchool Student login location
Student PowerSchool accounts are integrated with the students' Microsoft district login credentials, making it convenient for them to log in with their district provided username and password.
Student username and password can be found on their student schedule.
If a student is having issues accessing their PowerSchool Student account they can request assistance from their Teacher or a school administrator for assistance.
A: If you believe there's an error, It's best to contact the school directly. They will have a process for addressing discrepancies and making corrections.
A: If you have a PowerSchool Parent account you can recover your username or password by going to PowerSchool Parent login page and click on the blue link Forgot Username or Password.
Clicking this link will guide you through the process of resetting your password by entering your email address or username. You'll receive an email with a link to reset your password. Be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder.
If you are still experiencing sign in issues, please contact your school for assistance. 
A: Yes, PowerSchool offers a mobile application that is available for download on both the Apple iOS and Android app stores.
You can log in using the same credentials as the web portal. This app enables parents/ guardians to conveniently access your child's information, such as grades, attendance, and notifications while on the go.
To connect the mobile app to the PowerSchool SIS at your school district, you will need to enter a four-digit district code on the sign-in screen. Subsequently, you can sign into PowerSchool by providing your username and password.
District Code: RXDW
Apple App Store for PowerSchool Parent
Android Google Play App Store for PowerSchool Parent
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