Building & Grounds

Burbank School District 111 is committed to providing a safe and secure environment to ensure students reach their full potential as socially responsible lifelong learners. Both the maintenance and custodial staff strive to maintain the facilities and promote positive learning experiences.
The District's facilities consist of seven K-6th grade elementary schools, one 7-8th grade junior high, and one administration building.  These buildings encompass approximately 475,000 square feet of overall facility space on 53 acres of property.  The buildings are serviced by 2 maintenance workers, 9 day custodians, 1 mid shift custodian, 11 night custodians, and 1 part time night custodian.
Throughout the course of a calendar year the facilities are subject to numerous inspections, both internal and external.  The inspections include but are not limited to: Asbestos, Backflow Preventers, Bleachers, Boilers, Elevators, Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm System, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Suppression Systems, Kitchens, Security System,  Local Fire Department, Pest Management, Regional Office of Education, State Fire Marshall.   The continuous monitoring of building conditions and compiling data form the yearly inspections allows the department to prioritize and schedule Health-Life Safety projects, as well as establish consistency across the District for maintenance and security.
As required by the USEPA and IDPH, each school building is required to have an asbestos managment plan.  These are located at each respective school and the District office.  Once every three years the buildings are inpsected by an IDPH licensed asbestos inspector at which time management plans are updated.
The Illinois Toxic Substance Act prevents the use of chemicals in a school building without proper training and the use of Safety Data Sheets (SDS).  All SDS documentation for custodial products is available at each school.
Our Pest Management Program combines preventative techniques, non-chemical pest control methods and appropriate use of pesticides. We only use pesticides as an absolute last resort. We never spray when children are in school, and if and when we do use a pesticide, it is typically applied after school hours.

Department Staff