Technology Department » Network Access Policy

Network Access Policy

Please follow these guidelines when contacting the Technology Department for network and email accounts for employees:

Eligible for Network Email and PowerSchool Accounts

  • Administration Office Staff
  • Health Aides
  • Teachers *
  • Technology Staff
  • School Secretaries
  • Student Resource Officer at Liberty Junior High
  • Principals*
* - Teachers and Principals will be given access to other programs and applications as deemed necessary

Eligible for Network and Email Accounts

  • AERO Staff (network access only)
  • ARBOR Staff
  • Custodial, Maintenance, and Grounds – Full Time
  • Meal Supervisors *
  • Media Center Clerks
  • Para-educators – Certified & Non-Certified
  • PFCs/PTAs
  • Related Services – Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, etc.
  • Treasurer’s Office (email access only)
  • Vision Itinerant
  • Interns
  • Student Teachers
* - in some cases, Meal Supervisors may be given PowerSchool access with written approval of the building principal and appropriate training.

Eligible for Network Email and PowerSchool Accounts

Not Eligible for Network or Email Accounts
  • Consultants
  • Seasonal Workers
  • Student Workers
  • Substitute Teachers *
  • Volunteers
* EXCEPTION: if acting as a teacher in a long-term substitute position. In these cases approval will be given if the length of assignment is confirmed by the building principal or department head.