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Frequently Asked Question


Student and Staff Account FAQ

A: Students and Staff can use their school-issued email address and password to login to Microsoft which in turn provides access to ClassLink, PowerSchool and other educational resources.
Student username (also their email) is their student ID number followed by the student district email address
A: No, The school district uses Microsoft Single SIgn On to eliminate the need for remembering multiple credentials.
Microsoft SSO is a feature that allows you to log in to multiple services and applications with a single set of credentials (usually your school email and password). It streamlines access to various educational tools.
You'll use your school email and password for all connected Microsoft connected services.
A: If a student forgets their password, Ask your Teacher for assist on retrieving your password or a school administrator.
Staff can contact the Technology Department Help Desk and they will help on assisting on retrieving their password.
For Staff password change requests they must put in a help desk ticket.
A: If you encounter issues, students can contact their teacher or school admin, they can assist with troubleshooting and resolving any login problems. Staff can put in a help desk ticket.
A: If you need assistance or have questions, reach out to your teacher and they will refer to their documentation for guidance effectively. Staff can put in a help desk ticket for further assistance.


ClassLink FAQs

A: You should receive login credentials from your child's school during enrollment. Typically, it's a username and password. Contact your school if you haven't received these credentials.
Your child's teacher will have instruction on how to use and access ClassLink.
ClassLink can be accessed various ways on the districts homepage QuickLinks
For direct link to our ClassLink Portal login page
A: ClassLink is a single sign-on platform that simplifies access to educational resources. It's used to streamline the login process for various online tools and resources.
A: You can contact your child's school or teacher directly and they will assist with access issues.